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What is Chabad House Bowery Project Next?

Project Next is your chance to give your child the immersive Chabad House Bowery experience. As a Project Nexter, they will get access to the full-range of Chabad House Bowery offerings, as well as unique opportunities geared exclusively to your them.


Here's what Project Next includes:


- Access to all Shabbat meals and complimentary guest passes

Leadership Opportunities

- Chance to apply for CHB's student board and executive leadership positions


- Weekly chavruta on the topic of your child's choosing with a CHB educator

- Yeshiva CHB with dinner - twice per week Gemara shiur and chavruta

- Sem CHB with dinner - once per week shiur led by Dassi Zar and other CHB educators. Topics include: personal growth and - - Development, Parsha, topics in Jewish philosophy and hashkafa

- Morning Chassidus - once per week Chassidic text study led by Dassi Zar

- Shut Up and Learn - once per week, student and young-professional led, co-ed chaburah style learning

- Torah Grill and Chill - non-text based Torah learning and dinner for men 

Professional Development  - NEW

- CHB Spring Job fair 

- Get matched up with a CHB young professional working in the field of your child's interest

- Attend events with industry leaders

Holiday and Social Events

- Access to all holiday services (including High Holidays)

- Access to all holiday meals 

- Access to all holiday parties and programming (e.g. Purim Party, Chanukah Cupcake Wars)

- Access to all social events (e.g. hypnotist, 21+ wine and cheese event)

Other Perks:

- Three "bring a friend" passes per semester (good for Shabbat meals, social events, education programming, etc.)

- Access to the all-new Project Next lounge: complete with coffee, snacks, sodas, printer and office supplies. 

- 20% discount on Miracle on the Bowery tickets


What happens when our child joins Project Next?


Your child will be assigned a point of contact at CHB who will be responsible for making sure they are getting the most out of their Project Next experience. Is there something they want to learn this year? A professional development program they (or you) would like to see happen? Certain social events they want to help run? Your child's CHB point of contact will help them make that happen! 

How do we sign our child up for Project Next?


Please contact Malka Groden so we can learn about you and your child's interests and get them signed up!


If you'd like to go directly to the sign-up and payment page, you can access that here.


What is the CHB Project Next fee?


The CHB Project Next fee is $3600 per academic year or $360/month for 10 months.  Sibling rates are available. Please contact Malka Groden to learn more.


Where does my money go?


Each year CHB spends $5,300 per involved student in food and social events, education and growth experiences, staff and 353 Bowery costs. Your Project Next fee helps offset that cost so we can keep doing what we're doing for many years to come.

What if my family cannot afford the Project Next fee?


Chabad House Bowery is committed to making Project Next available to any and all students who wish to be involved, regardless of financial circumstances. Please inquire about scholarships by reaching out to Malka Groden.


Can my child bring friends to events if they join Project Next?


Of course! If your child's friends aren't in Project Next, they'll just pay the ticket fee where applicable. 


Also as  a Project Nexter your child will get: three "bring a friend" passes per semester which can be used for Shabbat meals, social events, education programming. 

What will my child's CHB experience look like if they don't join Project Next?


We're excited for your child to experience all that CHB has to offer! 


Chavrusa introductory meeting with Rabbi Korn, Sarah Korn, Hadassah Zar or other educators

Open door policy for spiritual guidance and counseling

Daily minyan and breakfast

Shabbat Davening and Light Kiddush

Shabbat meals 

Seudah Shlishit

Holiday Davening

Holiday Meals 

Social Events and Holiday Programming 

Education: Morning Chassidus, Torah Grill and Chill, Shut Up and Learn, Yeshiva CHB, Sem CHB.

Chesed Opportunities 


Shabbat and Holiday meals will have a ticket fee of $18. Social events and holiday programming will have a ticket fee of $10-$15. Yeshiva CHB  with dinner will cost $180/semester and Sem CHB with dinner will cost $100/semester. 


Why join Project Next if my child can pay ticket prices for many events happening during the year?


Over our years on campus, we've found that the more immersive an experience a student has during their time at CHB, the more their Jewish identity and long-term Jewish engagement is impacted. 


Project Next guarantees the immersive CHB experience with focused staff attention, leadership opportunities, and the chance to have access to everything happening at CHB for free. Project Next is the right choice for students and parents interested in experiencing or providing that type of consistent Jewish engagement during the college years.  

What if my child forgets to buy a ticket for Shabbat or an event?

There will be an opportunity to purchase tickets for social and holiday events at the door.  Special considerations will be taken for Shabbat meals, and free kiddush will also be available.

What if I can’t afford the ticket price?

Talk to us! We want everyone to be able to come to CHB to eat, enjoy, learn, and grow! 



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